This is my personal "Secure" page you may consult via https. All the pages and transactions accessed through this channel are encrypted with SSL.

Unfortunately I cannot afford to use a commercial SSL signed certificate and I had to generate a "personal" signed SSL certificate with my own Certification Authority, named "".

When you access my "https" secure pages, you will receive a warning from the browser about a certificate issued from an unknown Certification Authority named "".

You may just go on and load the page without doing anything else ... as you probably have already done to reach this page ... but you will receive the same warning all the time you open a new connection to, although all the connections will be SSL encrypted.

Alternatively you may use your browser security configuration tools and "trust" certificates signed by "" Certification Authority.

You can install the CA certificate for "" (you don't need to install the "" certificate, but just my "root" CA certificate I used to sign my own web server certificate) when the browser ask or you may download my CA certificate from this link: CA root certificate

and install it in your browser CA chain.

With Internet Explorer, for example, you may "click" on the link and ask IE to "open" the certificate and let it to install my Certification Authority.

Obviously I cannot guarantee the "strong" level of security that "true" Certification Authorities are able to achieve using logical and physical infrastructures that normal may be in the order of million dollars, but, for what I (and probably you) know, only my pages are signed from my own CA. So the risk you are exposed trusting "" should be relatively low.

Anyway ... if you want to access my https "secure" pages you have to accept to "trust" that my web server at "" is handled by me and is using "" certficate signed by "". If you want to be extremely cautios you have to find a "trusted" way (by phone, by snail mail, by e-mail) to contact me (and exactly me) and let me to know the "MD5 fingerprint" of the certificate you are trying to get.

Now you may want to ask where are the pages you may access on ... well ... you have to know where they are and for what purpouse I built them ... ;-) ...

Giuseppe Vitillaro

Giuseppe Vitillaro
Secure Page

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